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Our In-House Legal Team

Our legal department keeps up with all of the laws, rules, and regulations related to property management. In this manner, we’re certain that our practices fall within industry guidelines.

Nevertheless, we always aim to go above and beyond the industry standard.

In order to work in an optimal manner, our legal team is always knowledgeable of our company activities, our tenants, our property owners, and legal standards.


    • Our legal department constantly tracks the status of each tenant.
      • If there are payment issues, we work with the accounting department to help tenants establish payment plans. We also file on behalf of these tenants.
      • If major issues, such as evictions, arise, then we also take care of all aspects of that situation.
        • Of course, we try to work with tenants to prevent these situations from happening.
    • We’re constantly staying up-to-date with every law, rule, and regulation.
      • We make sure that our entire team follows their proper practice.


We offer to represent our landlords in any property-related or tenant-related case.


    • We help with local municipalities/tickets to take care of the legal aspect of any potential violation, if they occur.
    • Our team attends pending court hearings.
      • Goal: to come to a solution to any situation
        • Example: payment plans
    • If an injury occurs on the property, we help the landlord take care of this situation. We take care of all legal aspects.


Our service benefits.

We Take Care of All Legalities

Our legal department takes care of all legal aspects of property management.

We do everything in our power for our property owners to not worry about any legal issues.

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