Managing your finances as if they were our own.

Providing reliable financial reporting

A clear insight into your finances

Our accounting department keeps a detailed financial summary of all historical records. From leases to inspection reports, we automatically update all new financial information to our portal. In our portal, both property owners and tenants can see all of their expenses. In this manner, all information is clearly organized.

Financial reporting and recording informs both our property owners and our tenants.


    • Through our Rent Manager portal, our property owners are able to receive automatic and transparent reports. As soon as data is entered into our system, our property owners are able to view it.
      • Our property owners are always up-to-date with all of their financials.
    • We keep record of all different types of historical financial data, such as tenant ledgers.
      • Tenant ledgers allow property owners to clearly see all of the rent payments made by each individual tenant.


Alongside financial reports and records, we also offer some additional help to both our property owners and our tenants.


    • We find tax deductions for our property owners. If the property owner wishes for us to file their taxes for them, then we can do so as well.


    • Our department also helps tenants in terms of answering questions and guiding through payments.


    • We also offer auto-pay to tenants to increase simplicity and efficiency in their payment methods.


Our service benefits.

A Modern Approach to Financial Reporting

Our accounting department focuses on a variety of financials tasks related to property management.

We concentrate on both financial reports and records. Financial reports keep track of all cash flows related to our property management company. Records concentrate on historical data, such as lease agreements. Alongside this, we also provide additional help to both property owners and tenants.

We’re here to aid in all of the financial aspects of our property management company.

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